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Star Group Productions was created in 2006 to mirror the excellence of the Cipriani experience. The unique landmark venues requires production talent and technology that only SGP is able to maximize and deliver to the location's fullest capabilities.

The Star Group Productions team will guide you through the steps appropriate for the type of event you are planning. We are a full service production company offering the fabrication and technical design for events of all sizes and natures. Our services and experience allow us to produce your entire event with you directly or to work hand in hand with your own planning and production team.

SGP provides their clients with an array of services for business meetings, social gatherings, award shows, product launches, and entertainment. With years of background experience in production, the Star Group team works hard with each and every client to understand the message that they want their event to convey. We realize the importance of each production and how the impact of the event will last long after it has concluded.​

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